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About Us

ByRon PalmCross® is a family- owned ministry/business located in the small village of Milan in northwestern Illinois. Our crosses are completely made in the USA! We personally and carefully select the walnut wood boards from a local saw mill and through many, many steps of cutting, curving, rounding, sanding, buffing, and boxing, we are blessed to humbly offer the handcrafted PalmCross® to the public.

The PalmCross® is curved to comfortably fit the shape of the hand. There is no stain or permanent finish (varnish) on the cross, which allows the oils from the hands that hold it to become part of the wood and embed into the PalmCross® forever. Each PalmCross® is engraved with trademark and year of copyright (1997). The numbers e.g. 2012/420 indicate the cross was carved in 2012 and is the 420th cross of that style.
workshop-outside.jpgWorkshop in the Family's Backyard

Our Story
Back in 1985, the PalmCross® idea evolved from a team experience when Ron was commissioned a lay leader for a three-day retreat. He carved the PalmCross® to symbolize the power of prayer and unity as each team member either delivered a talk or prayed in the chapel while holding a cross in the palm of their hands. The cross was shaped from walnut wood, and he didn't have time to apply a finish before the retreat because he ran out of time! After the weekend, Ron was amazed to see that the character of the cross had changed, mainly because the wood had absorbed the oils from the hands of the many people who prayed with it. Each person had truly become part of the cross!  What an example of community prayer!

Then in early 1997, Ron's job of 30 years began to disintegrate due to downsizing and competition. While investigating buying into a franchise, someone asked if ever he had created something not seen elsewhere. Ron and his wife Elaine sought God's direction, and their prayer was answered.  By December of 1997, they received copyrights and trademarks on the PalmCross® design, shape, and name and proceeded to make and sell the cross to family, friends, and the public.  Very soon they began to receive letters and phone calls from people sharing what the PalmCross® meant to them. Ron and Elaine realized that the Lord had given them a wonderful job and a fulfilling ministry at the same time!

In 2003, the workshop moved from the basement to a newly constructed building in the backyard. Our oldest daughter Rachelle (Shelley) helps fulltime. We also employ several part-time retirees. As of 2012 (ByRon's 15th anniversary), the family-owned business had made almost 70,000 PalmCrosses!

You are invited to use your PalmCross® as a symbol of the power of prayer in your life. It may be used for all occasions: personal prayer, during times of stress and challenge, illness, special occasions, such as birth, baptism, marriage, First Communion, anniversary, retirement, retreat team formation, and anytime you truly want to give a part of yourself. We welcome you to keep your PalmCross® accessible so it remains a symbol of Christ's presence and power through your community of believers.